20 August 2008

Evening Habarana

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How to buy a camel

Look as if it’s the last thing on earth that could possibly interest you
Keep a straight face
Prod here and there for soundness
old injuries and scars
Check the teeth and the temperament
how well the Camel interacts with others
Especially horses
Breath ?
forget it
Remember he was created with a breath to keep you humble and mindful of hell
Oh yes
do not forget the feet
the more splayed the better
those spongy leather spatulas will need to take on rock sand and bog
two are definitely better than one
avoid ones whose previous owner was a school teacher
I do not know why, but that’s the wisdom on the street
When you kick the shins , jump back & fast
Then make an offer
If somebody makes an pitch , flare your nostrils and laugh
loudly as you turn away
Don’t push it to the point of insult
bide your time
Did I mention to check the teeth?

Inspired by "Kingdom of Ten Thousand things"

Nanuoya 2

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Nanuoya 1

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