20 November 2010

In the not so distant past

In the not so distant past..we couldn't do many things

Things are not perfect and could be done better ...But have you atleast done your part?
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17 November 2010

Every time we think of whatever

Every time you make us
think of motherland
of the ones who laid lives
lament how it should have been
dream how it can be
celebrate the
It rains
It floods
Up to our knees
runs muddy water streams

Every time the heavens weep
when it floods up to our knees
my be we should
think of
the whatever

14 November 2010

Still my little boy

Frail hands reach 
up and smoothen 
the creases of the shirt 
hung flawlessly on the  lad 
set the collar neatly 
‘fore exhaling relieved 

A smile draws on a face with wise lines 

11 November 2010

Show me evil

Show me
evil lurking in the bush
coiling to strike with reprisal
show me
the fear of such vice
hung heavy in ones mind

And I will show you
a serpent
terrified for it’s life
set to use it’s strike
to flee
I will show you evil
dwelling in one’s mind

PS: Evil is an unnatural concept. Evil is not find in nature anywhere. There is good and absence of it. Evil is a concept man has devised and is a phenomena in his mind

07 November 2010

06 November 2010

The hen and her brood

The Chinese Menu

You hand me the menu 

of 328  dishes 
three hundred and twenty seven varieties of mushrooms 
cooked in the identical way 
Or the same mushroom cooked in 327 ways 


An ant rest 
on the summit 
naive to the fact 
that  his head 
is the tallest apex now 

04 November 2010

Waft that tears
the banana leaves
merely makes the lotus blooms sway

03 November 2010

Taking a chance

A man on the death row
on his last day
takes his chance and runs
a fool who tried despite

If caught alive
He would be condemned for
10 years , no less
Absurdity that is the law

Shoot him dead
do not spare, for I know not
whether to hang him
Or to imprison for another ten
yells the warden
Avoiding a dilemma

To turn back time

A lone tribesman
dances the ghost dance
in my head
anti-clock wise

02 November 2010


There were fences
once upon a time
in a childhood
lives of toy soldiers and marbles
bowlers and the batsmen
of post noon cricket games in the street
over which we would exchange
sweetmeats in April
through which we
escaped homework
then one day
fences went down
and brick walls arose