28 May 2011

There lives a boy in me

There lives a boy in me
Who still stands occasionally
with his hand in his back pocket
of his blue jeans

There lives a boy in me
who’s God was  a cross between
Marley and  Buddha
whose gospel is told in the words of Dylan
still in his head

There lives a boy in me
who’s idea of freedom
is still
in the lines of
a White T
faded jeans &  Bata slippers

There lives a boy in me
who still gaze at the perforated  twinkling s
against the taut dark spread overhead
and scribble poetic lines

07 May 2011

Mahaley/ Dear Daughter

කිරි සුදු  අලුත්  ගවුමට 
හැකිද  හංගන්ට 
වියලුනු  ලේ  පැ

නුඹේ හිතේ

හිමිදිරියේ  ගුරුපාරේ  
නුඹ  පතුලට  දැනුනු 
 ඉකි  ගහන  මහ පොලොව 
අලුත්  තණ ලපලු  අග 
රැඳුනු  උණු  කඳුළු  බින්දු 
දැන්  නොදැනේද  
කිරි  කිරි  සපත්තු  විනිවිද  

අලුත්  අභ්‍යාස පොත්  පිටු

සමාන්තර  ඉරි  අතර
නොලියේද  දැන්
හිතේ ගුලි  උන
නුඹේ  දුක   

Can the new  dress
pallid as a soaring  crane 
cover the dried blood stains
splattered in your heart
once upon a life time 

Do you still feel? 
the heaving breasts
of a sighing  mother 
the warm dew of tears  
on the new blades 
through your new Bata shoes
on your way to school

Between parallel lines , so straight
on those blank white pages 
does the sorrow coiled
deep within
get scribbled 

Ps: In remote hamlets in North , the Wanni and the east, kids now walk to school .
The atmosphere is still a mixture of shock, relief , baron land , widows , doubt and silence. There is new blades of grass growing from the earth once burnt with gun powder and soaked with blood . Where many fathers , brothers , sisters  are buried .
New uniforms , school equipment , shoes arrive at their schools through the roads from the south .
But it takes more to heal…It takes understanding