26 October 2008

23 mins (poem)

Yes it is
23 mins
From the time you get in to the train
Till we depart
And go on our own way
2 mins to call
And to find the right carriage
3 mins to talk about how our days were
Then 5 mins of silence
When I think of what to say
And when I allow you time to think
What to say
10 mins when you say how much you miss me
And your voice breaks
with tears, eyes swell
3 minutes for me to tell you , one day
It will be, the day
When I take you away
Until then we stay
This way
23 mins exactly


Past is where
we were
Past is where
we are going to

25 October 2008

05 October 2008


Apparently there is a greater probability of you getting hit by a car while you cross the road to buy a lottery ticket.......than for you to win a lottery.

Reality TV (a poem)

Real people , they tell us
will eat cockroaches and worms , on the go
can survive for 28 days
on wild yam and soiled rain
and one shower
on Tuesdays

Real people , as it seems
will confess to many things
Spill out many fantasies
Abash themselves
for a five digit promise
to oohs and aahs of others
(while his lady tears)

Real people can
walk a tight rope if they are induced
in their pin stripe business suits
fall short
but it might be sanctioned
unless, otherwise Simon says

Them, real people
I tell you
are not like you and me