28 April 2009

J’s war

Everybody seem to fancy their own war. Their own fight to fight , their own brigades to command and their own victories . Their own tallies of fallen enemies.

Well, I guess everybody should. Have. In every pocket an iphone , in every mind a war , to consume their free time

Breakfast :

Two poached eggs , multigrain bread and defence.lk .

Blended Carrot juice goes well with daily defense update. At least for me. Scrutinize the tactics…So much gaps , so much anomalies …Only if they ask me ..only if.



Compare notes. Of numbers rescued..of enemies killed ….Of heroes fallen…And I wonder, whether on the other side of the table, are the counts different? What about the total?


Between lunch & tea:

Read one's thoughts, so frankly hung on a flickering screen. My mind took flight , sans check ins , airplane food , and the raced heart beats , welling eyes when the iron bird touches the tarmac of Katunayake . And also less that lead ball of a feeling that sink in deep, when you see the fighter jets from your window seat.

A perfect Colombo dusk, there I was listening to him, in my Barefoot sarong and my liquid Russian in a glass. Nodding at his sagacious phrases…Then I realized the gun shots are heard much louder to my apartment facing the south china sea than in Colombo. May be the it is the wind patterns or something . May be it is all in my mind.


On my way home:

I was invited . Celebrations of winning (sic) the war.. "It is just a couple of kilometeres , one of these days mate" , I was told . Before Friday. Them the leaders will be killed I was assured and then we will toast to that , discuss how it was done ,over a round or two,. Sing a couple of Bailas and eat Kottu made by Nanda, who had decided to claim refugee status , just so he can stay on here in Hong kong.

My mind drifts (yet again) . I envisage Nanda asking me" So now what?"..

"Ane Manda Sarath" ( I do not know Sarath) , I mix up the names in my response.

26 April 2009

Prince Charming

Well he was a charming fellow. A decent guy who always came to the damsel's rescue. Then it got a bit a complicated, logistically. Now even he has to stay in the queue to get on to a good horse.
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A summer's dream

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23 April 2009

Boiling the ocean for a cup of tea.

Here's something to contemplate about. Let me make clear the scenario . You have a ocean and you need a cup of tea. Assuming the salinity does not count, would you first simmer the whole ocean and take a cup from it , or would you take a cup full of water and heat it to make the stained drink. It is a no brainer, I recon ..But then why are we trying to change the whole world at one go?

17 April 2009

More from Macau..The two Marys

From a wall in Taipa, Mary Jane with her familiar sultry smile. The shop has been ruined and vacated , but I guess they could not find it in their hearts to break the wall down. Something about her, I tell you .

Mary. The holy one. From the St paul’s cathedral (atleast what is left of it.) The church burnt down , twice I think and only the frontal of it remains. So infact , Mary has being charred as well. Yet still she smiles with compassion.

13 April 2009

The "Fernando" episode

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The place came highly recommended..Good food.No reservations, no regrets . I was told.

So was everybody else, it seemed.

On a fine dusk at Hacca beach, people were lining in the back gardens . The aroma of fresh bread and the chicken, filling the air and giving some justification to the smoky air and the long waiting list. Jug after jug of Sangria being poured and filling the stomach spaces . And mellowing the anxiety. Kids running around , with undone hair and concerned mothers behind them. A teenager was playing fooseball with his grand pa. The veteran was giving a good fight.

The languid back gardens were going on, paying no heed to the impatient people beyond . Enjoying the flamed orange spill of the setting sun mixing in to the clear sky blue . Although the goat, had a question mark on it’s crown . I mean literally, a question mark someone had painted.

But the impatience , the prickly feeling , got the better of me.

Thanks for the ambience. Will hang around for a meal next time.

Long waiting lists, Anxious people...

10 April 2009

Somewhere in HongKong

Getting out of the way

I won't get in to details . But this is somewhere in Tuen Wan.

Subha Aluth Avuruddak Weva

You may be in the begin of the long weekend , the 6 day long weekend in SL or might be caught in some other nook of the world having nostalgic recollections of the smell of Kavums, irritating cycle races , the temple lawns fiilled with people , the echoes of "suba aluth avurudhak weva"s.

Memories of home.     

Some of you might have planned to recreate that ambiance in your own little circles , like I have, while the whole other world around you carries on , without any care . My Kavums & Aluvas have arrived in the post and my wife is looking for the "nakath" times

Then I see the images over the web, The images I shun. Of the people who have the same right to celebrate but are prevented by circumstances  from cooking a kiribath . Many are the times we have wished for the day. Every Christmas , every 31st , every new year…….but……….

So may be, out of habit, or may be being optimistic , I will say the same prayer again ………….

05 April 2009

Bill please…………..


gulp up that wine

Clear the flute

Finish the mousse

Lick the drip, forgotten

wipe the chocolate tinge

Off the sleeve


We settle the bill


In the juke box

Put another dime

And one more waltz

Glide across the

Dance floor

tainted some say

painted some say

Your chin on my shoulder

Your mind far away

Let one more warm sigh


Brush against my nape

Lest seep

In to the murky calm

One more moment


we're billed


we confess to our sins