22 March 2009

Decisions decisions and decisions

Not making a decision is

Is It decision on it's own?

How do you follow up on it?

How do you bear out it's consequences

21 March 2009

I am a rock.

I am a rock.
A remnant, the street layers left aback.  
in the middle of this footpath
I sit
and linger
for her

Tuesdays & Thursdays like a prayer.
She comes
Tuesday & Thursday
the days she works the day shift,
at the big factory
where secrets gets seamed
off at six thirty.  
She sometimes arrives early,
 and we wait for the scrawny bloke.
 He whistles a tune,

From the film at the theater around the corner
Then they gaze in to each other's eyes

oh so briefly .
she breaks in to one of them girly giggle .
It is a private joke you see
only between three of us.

When he mutters  few words from
the two pages he has memorized of the yellowed pages of the cheesy novel  
He let pass a couple of integral words
And makes a muddle of it
She starts drawing  on  the gravel with her big toe.
A flower
Ringed centre, five petals. Unsophisticated

He asks his usual question "shall we? " ,
response is usual
a stretched hush.
 Her eyes well up, for reason afar .  
 I dismay the young bloke's plight
when she finally says "OK".
Mulled   beyond this point, he has not
I 'll bet my pebbles

They share sour slices
sprinkled with the  zesty chilly powder.
Wal amba
Mangos are for pleasure .

 He holds her hand  in his open  left hand
and sketches flowers on her palm .
With his finger
Simple designs .
Ringed centre, five petals. unsophisticated .

She is deep in her muse.
gazing in to the ripples of Nuwara wewa .
wind coerce a few unruly locks
in to an improvised tango .  
her earring glistens in the fading light. .
Ringed centre, five petals. unsophisticated .
She let her heavy sigh drop
In buoyant dusk purple

Hmmm, I am a rock
Yes really, I am

13 March 2009

Train (of) Thoughts

For some reason
I wish
I could hear the thoughts
behind these bare faces

the stage where symphony of sentiments
salsa on
to the music of my soundtrack
of Coldplay and muse
Clarence W & Jazzy flutes
how they seem to linger on
somewhere in between
the tune bygone and the hopeful new

I watch
the flirting fingers
frowning tips
poignant eyes
Oh so apparent

A smitten boy's murmur
gazing in to his darling's amber eyes
the pensive girl
woolgathering from the clouds
with her hopes hung back in the closet
staring at
the dipping sun, shredded
by the parallel lines
that are the Tsing ma bridge

The eavesdropping sleeper
(notorious breed them are)
While he smile, but slightly
"Good child bearing hips"
In his unvoice
I catch him say

I heard that

08 March 2009

Vodka & orange

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Bottle neck

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Just because we cheat…..

Very soon . Very soon it will be the time , for me to discuss difficult things. Birds and bees would be handled very….. biologically. That conversation does not startle me.

But how to grapple more difficult concepts.

Belief & religion would be always difficult ones . Especially since a picture of Christ and a statue of Lord Buddha adorn my mantel piece and one lamp is lit for both. Then again that would be exactly what needs to be conveyed.

But how to discuss something like cheating. It is wrong!, "parenthood for dummies" chapter 7 says. But why?

We all cheat in life, one way or the other. From getting sample questions for an exam instead of studying hard, To Liposuction against working hard at the Gym. From kissing up , managing your boss to copying someone else's blog post to 7 inch heels to hide the loss of blessings vertically.

So why isn't it correct?

Some say it is because the inept only do it. Is it? Most of us know it takes a genius to pull off the perfect scam.

Some say it is an extension of working smart against working hard.

Just because we cheat does it mean we are not smart?

A fish in a bag

Is worth two in the wild. Zebra , yellow & red Malawi's.
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05 March 2009

Worst response

What is the worst response one could mutter , when one is shot with the three, much hyped up , much dreaded, three words.

I….. Love………… You

I have heard of many responses .

Good ones , Well practiced. I have heard "yeah me too"s to "Yes guess I have that effect"s. The perfect "well" ending with that certain ring followed by the perfect pause and " Me too". Perfect . Any damsel would tell you.

I've heard Strange and odd , eloquently challenged ones that escaped the voice box before the brain had a chance to complete processing .

From "thank you" to "eh?" to "OKaaaaaaaaay" to " I love me too" to "same to you".

But think the worst have to be, when Lathika, avoiding Salim's piercing gaze, and said.

"too bad "


Who needs it?

Who needs sleep when we’ve got love?
Who needs keys when we’ve got clubs?
Who needs please when we’ve got guns?
Who needs thrift with the midas touch
Who needs peace when we’ve gone above
Who needs content when there's a party around?
Who thinks of good deeds at the pearly gates
Who needs stars , while for fireworks we wait?