13 March 2009

Train (of) Thoughts

For some reason
I wish
I could hear the thoughts
behind these bare faces

the stage where symphony of sentiments
salsa on
to the music of my soundtrack
of Coldplay and muse
Clarence W & Jazzy flutes
how they seem to linger on
somewhere in between
the tune bygone and the hopeful new

I watch
the flirting fingers
frowning tips
poignant eyes
Oh so apparent

A smitten boy's murmur
gazing in to his darling's amber eyes
the pensive girl
woolgathering from the clouds
with her hopes hung back in the closet
staring at
the dipping sun, shredded
by the parallel lines
that are the Tsing ma bridge

The eavesdropping sleeper
(notorious breed them are)
While he smile, but slightly
"Good child bearing hips"
In his unvoice
I catch him say

I heard that

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  1. seriously enjoyed reading that one... good stuff!


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