05 March 2009

Worst response

What is the worst response one could mutter , when one is shot with the three, much hyped up , much dreaded, three words.

I….. Love………… You

I have heard of many responses .

Good ones , Well practiced. I have heard "yeah me too"s to "Yes guess I have that effect"s. The perfect "well" ending with that certain ring followed by the perfect pause and " Me too". Perfect . Any damsel would tell you.

I've heard Strange and odd , eloquently challenged ones that escaped the voice box before the brain had a chance to complete processing .

From "thank you" to "eh?" to "OKaaaaaaaaay" to " I love me too" to "same to you".

But think the worst have to be, when Lathika, avoiding Salim's piercing gaze, and said.

"too bad "



  1. boy, what a build up only to come crashing down.

    I bet all the other varied versions you claim to have experienced hearing were from Hollywood, bollywood, tollywood and whatever other wood.

    Come out of the woods man!

  2. Well, most of the time that is what it is.....Most of the times, ones home is one's woods.


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