27 October 2007

Tuba player

Jazz in the street
taking control of your feet
mellowing your heart
till it melts and pours out your eyes

The Restaurent

The Main Maan

And the other Maan ..Rustaphonics..LKF street carnival

Frightened of butterflies (Poem)

I flew with a butterfly
Up , up in to the sky
with her vivid colors & frail wings
me, she did entice
She danced around the swirling contours of the gentle autumn breeze
making me dream , tumble weed dreams
She said " take a chance now "
for it'll be too late, too soon
and like a fool I did

We flew hand in hand
soared up and up
with the wind in our face
Me , her and all the Cloudywings Holy blues, Angeled leafings
Monarchs, longtails & dreamy dusky wings
darting through the clouds
we'd scream
Plummet until we almost touched the rushing stream
we aimed for the sun and the moon
I lost my poise fell among the stars , bruised
in to the distance , watch them fade away
left with just the scars to prove,
here I lie
here I die

PS: Now I am terrified of butterflies

Ricshaw puller & the ricskaw

Macau...Infront of ferry terminal

How a good cup of coffee should look...


Cafe Mocha.

18 October 2007

Water curtain

Distorting the beyond....Hiding the ugly details ...Like a Picasso

Hands and Feet

The Hands that tends to me, whose touch I await.....
The feet that I've kissed thousand times.....

14 October 2007

You said......

You said you'll be here ....early...You said you can not wait till the day dawns....we will dance the night away ...you said ...I dreamt ....But...

And ah yes , You said you loved me too...