31 March 2007

After..Happily ever after

This is a tale
after she was swept away
what ensue, after
“Happily ever after”
She a poor damsel
for whom the young prince fell
Destiny knocks on, at random
waits for the perfect moment, very seldom
she had very little choice
but to ride with him
across the stream
to a far away kingdom

In this small hamlet
by the woods, where one would heed
songs of a ten thousand crickets
as it was every king’s need
they decided
to build their own castle

On the little hill
closer to the Gods
with a view of the valley
would’ve been perfect
(but at that price ),
they just could not afford it

So they settled for a pretty plot,
in the middle of a suburban neighborhood

It was a typical
with high gates & ramparts
incase of an army
or a wandering dragon
there were cannons

This citadel,
one might call a bit odd ,
they had neighbors
So the guards,
in the four towers
wasn’t a necessity, more of a custom

What would
a princess of circumstance
and a prince , bored stiff
do within walls
of thick brick
Gazing in to the sunset
through loopholes
Watching the hues of orange
make patterns on the walls

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring .
Life just happening ,
while you day dream
In a single candle lit chamber ,
A mother’s loving wisdom ,
passed on to her kin
"Caution, when you close your eyes ,
upon a falling star, you wish .
Cause you just might get ,
what you seek "

30 March 2007

Couple through temple arch


Facinated with dragons.
The myth , the legends, the mystery attarcts me to them .
"Lung" in Mandarine is a god like creature very poorly translated as a dragon.....
Dragons are everywhere in HK. Tatoos, T shirts , tail of a plane ......every where

27 March 2007


This is an egg. with an expiry date ...
egg is life , right ?
then what does that date make...
who put it there?
The man upstairs ? The hen ? somebody else ?
What do you think?
Who came first the hen or the egg ?

Find this really amusing ...

23 March 2007

Red light

Red light, through cab window.
Many are the red lights in life.
Which makes you stop and take that break. Change gears .
Then there are the red light streets...that's another story altogether

Here I've carved
on this tree
two names
of you and me
within this
perfect heart shape
let it stay eternally

Someone else's god

Against all odds
Here I am
They tried everything
my branches they broke
cut my roots and closed my water holes
I’ve searched high & low
collapse, I can not
Searched. Waited. Prayed
for my lords.
But just today somebody told
they are no more
within these suffocating walls

Oh ?

While karma takes it’s toll
my eyes, I tightly close
on my knees I fall
and implore
(only one I can behold)
on somebody else’s god
Confused. Desperate. Betrayed
I just hope
It wouldn’t matter after all
while on the other side, that I fought
another man’s war
Crimes. Lies . Beliefs
wouldn’t matter somehow
and saved will be my soul

Bird cage

Bird cage , seen at Tuen mun

Nobody .....to somebody

A secret he had
killing him, it was
dying, he was
to lay his burden
yearning for somebody
to share

It could not be
had to be nobody
un judgmental
A perfect stranger
was his need

Then there she was
at the corner table
in the musty café
savoring ,moments
wasting, time
sipping, jasmine tea

He pulled a creaky stool
She stayed, unmoved
She poured, another cup
He poured his heart out
Two lazy afternoons
Few evenings
Dark . Cold
And half a dozen tea pots
Spent, just like that
In that indulgent nook

And ,it was done
(at least, so he thought)
undone, he has come
rid of demons within
he picked his bruised ego
thanked, her blessed soul
to continue on the path of his own

But that was not that
The end, it was not
She felt for the tale she heard
Drawn to the narrator.
Fallen she was
for the man in front of her

So here it was
A perfect plan, gone wrong
Cause , now she was somebody
and somebody now knows

A man with a hat, on the move

17 March 2007


In a boat , built of sticks & hay
We drifted from the shore
with a captain who's too proud to say
that he dropped the oar
now a tiny hole has sprung a leak
in this cheap potoon
now the hull has started growing weak
we're going to sinkin' soon
everybody hold your breath
we're going to be sinking soon
(Sinkin' Soon - Norah Jones)
There is a saying, where I come from , which translates to - accept whichever side of the boat that is on top.

Dare cross ??

There are borders everywhere ,that you dare not (or do) cross.
Between love & hate
between sanity & Insanity
between brevery & foolishness
between sense of humour & plain silly
between friendly & too friendly
Well, you get the drift..

Needs come in many ways ... And they die off in many ways...Yesterday's fantasy could become today's necessity....But tommorow you may want to discard it


Big brown eyes
gazing at me
On little toes
following my slow feet
Your hand in mine
clasped safely
to the music in our heads
we swayed

A man with her angel
Little girl with her Superman

Oh yes
I remember those times
Just wish it’d lasted a while

Was yesterday
(with happy tears) when you said
“Hello Kitty married Dear Daniel”
with green crayons you painted your face
for a white pony
you ,cried, begged, prayed

Between then & now
Between bedtime stories
and first crushes
Between princess dresses
and eye shadow
Between baby kisses
and blushes

One day
my baby
have turned to A Young lady


This was taken at Tai O -Fishing Village. The glowing white feathers are almost angelic...

10 March 2007

See shell, Sea shell

Well, this is another phase (or face ) of life . Let's keep our judements to ourselves.

Die.., Romeo must

There was a cowboy
(yes my boy,
every body wants to be a cowboy)

dusty boots , weathered jeans
ruffled hair under his hat
two weeks’ beard covering his chin
the “whole works” , he had that

He’ll ride all day, with the wind
come starry nights, the moon he’ll chase
Him & Juliet
his faithful mare
ebony faced, sympathetic eyes
white patch on the right leg
left ear half torn

His name….
Oh, god
(the strangest this side of Mexico)
Romeo Jones

One hazy autumn day
at high noon
to an inn , he walked
(yes , rightly you’ve guessed )
called the “Lovers’ Cove”

Held his stare
while he opened the swing door
one shot of Whiskey
one glance at the gal
but before the second round
tiny balls of lead
threw him down on the ground

So, the fastest gun in the west
In peace , may his soul rest
On the tombstone,
at the edge of the cactus patch,
they engraved

Romeo, lies.
Cause He just had to die.

Just before saddling up on Kanthaka

Mind poisoned
high concentration of adrenalin
pumped through the clotted cholesterol
making an angry heart

Misty eyes look far
Far far in to the distance
have no strength to pick my self up
from this confusion
I call home
The complications I once craved for
Now I try to flee
During this journey of life
I feel travel sick

According to the legend , Prince Siddhartha left his palace one full moon day , on a horse named "Kanthaka" (Who was apparently born on the same day as him )....to start his long journey ,in understanding Nibbana ...The freedom from the cycle of life ...and become "Buddha"....

Pearl & her pearls

Pearl the pearl seller in the back ground , with her pearls

08 March 2007

Reminds me of a song I've heard ..About an old woman and her bicycle. neighbourhood boys & girls who rang the bell....Yes ...You might know the song .

Lost in Translation

I am sure it says more than "welcome"in Potungha.....

04 March 2007

Writers' Block

Wait wait wait
Wait a little while
Until the seed inside
Grows a bitter taste
too soon , too light
too late , too black
Let it brew brew brew
until it’s just right

All this waiting
for a dozen of rhyming lines
‘till the thought settles in
nothing shall I write
first few lines done
dare not read
cause the simplest of things
cloud my eyes

One of these moments
It will be
Until then..
Let it brew brew brew.

03 March 2007

Eternity of Moments

Life is lived in moments.
Moments that take your breath away.
Moments that move you.
Moments that make you feel on cloud number nine.
Moments that cloud your eyes.
Sometimes, eternity is a fraction of moments.