31 August 2011

picnikfile_mCrr6R by Jaliya1

එකමත් එක කලෙක
අතැඟිලි පටලා
පියනැගුවෙමු මේ මග 

සුදු මල් මල් ගවුම
ඔබ හිඳ  බාර් එකේ
පැද්දෙමි බයිසිකලේ හයියෙන්
ඔබ ආසයි කියූයෙන්

අද මම

28 August 2011

මම දැන් වෙජිටේරියන්

මම දැන් වෙජිටේරියන්
හැම හරක් මස් කරියකම 
ඇති බව දනිම්
ගෙල සිඳී ගවයෙක්
මම දැන් කන්නේ කුනිස්සන් සම්බෝල විතරයි
ඔළු පිටින්

22 August 2011

Arm's length from harm ...Crossing the road in Ha noi

 I did , just like  he said
for  he should know best
He was  born here
even his father was
though now dead
and buried twice

I closed my eyes and
paced my steps slow
Halfway through,  nerves gave in
that ‘s been my weakness
most times
with bright rays tapping at my eye lids
I had to

The tide of wheels
I could see
rising  at arms length
then the red light could not hold no more
it flowed through
to the  empty side of the street
I stand surrounded
Amidst wheels
Of burden
Amidst Faces
The smell of burning 
I stand in the middle of the road
yet I am not here

 A chicken in a box , securely tied to the back seat .
Perhaps dinner.
Chicken  cackles
a feeling of crude reality seeps in

A girl leans forward and whispers in her lovers ear
They laugh.
A young boy sings aloud
riding with his mother
a bag of Rambutans hanging from his hand
Young men in their evening best
 peer from the timeless balcony
at the girl in the short skirt and heels
riding her scooter

I close my eyes
and proceed with my measured steps 

21 August 2011

Boy selling sea shells

Sea shell seller, Halong bay resident,.Curious onlooker.
Halong Bay . Vietnam

Girl talk

Afternoon. After school.  In the courtyard of the ancient pagoda, they sell postcard and other nick nacks . That's the excuse atleast. Mostly they just tell stories, feel the love  and giggle .

07 August 2011

All you need is one boat

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This is your captain mumbling

"Some sunsets are worth dying for”  said the captain lighting his second cigar. Life seem to stand still among the islands in the Halong bay.

“My friend , on a lonely evening like this , you just anchor your boat in the shadows . Sit back , light up a smoke and watch the angels paint the sky. "

Captain calls his black dog to stroke his head , and in one swift movement carries him and throws him to the water.

“Good  for his ticks , the sea water..” he offers an explanation.
  The dog swims back to the boat.

“ You know my friend, when it darkens up a bit , if you close your eyes and listen …You listen hard my friend …When the waning moon rises three quarter of an August sky, you could hear them sing …The mermaids .. They sing in  haunting  voices, speaking to a sailors lonely heart ..You hear them.”

“What is that you say? Does it help?”..
He ex-hails smoke in rings to the burnt sky.

”of course it does not , they are just teasing you.”

06 August 2011

Rice fields

There is something relaxing in the way the green sways in the gentle breeze. something serene in the equally spaced paddy in the shallow water .

02 August 2011

Longing to walk the lanes of ten thousand motor cycles (not today)

Thru the frosted pane
I see the lake
With it's right angled affection
That trap the red river's waters

Flickers along the edge
Of early arrivers
Late departures
Against the somber spread of the night

I long to walk the lanes , narrow
but not today
not today

01 August 2011


The two laned roads, street puddles shining soaking in the light from the dim street lights. Street eateries , neon name boards. Billboards with smiling people. Yup this could be the stretch from Katunayake to Colombo. Then the driver interrupts.

"Sir we are in Hanoi"