16 September 2010

How long does a sunset take

From the point that
the golden threads across the blue
the wrinkles of the day gone
the blotches of a strange colour scheme
the crows come roost
bats headout
fathers come home
alter lamps are lit
a hen gathers her brood

To the point
the pot of rice overcooks
on a disremembered flame

15 September 2010

Cancer Hospital photoshoot


I saw some pictures, in monochrome , taken at the Cancer hospital . Of mothers and  children . Worn out bandages and exposed canolas . And smiles through the pain , and hopeless eyes . Do not take me wrong ,I see the good intentions , yet it was disturbing.

I personally feel it is crossing the line. The photograph , the photographer gets attention ...and the subject...fades away . That's the plight here , some of them know of the iminent plight , yet it is living for the day that is the struggle.

The Poem

Please Smile
for the photograph
You can go back to your pain
and the
after the click

After I wrote this,  I felt that writing about the photos was no better than the shoot itself . Two wrongs do not make a one right. How many wrongs does it take


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The former mayor of Colombo has gone back to his old job of driving a Three wheeler.
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11 September 2010

What goes in side the tram......

PS: 4 years ago on the 11/9 I flew to a foreign land to start...Start, is a funny word.
Anyway it has been since 4 years facing the south china sea . And today,  like it was that day,  it is raining ..

Between protests

There’s this joke
we used to share
every moment
between the marches
we plan
the next protest
away from
our ideologies

One would get up
and say
“ hey, what if they
listen to us
and give in today”
“What would we do tomorrow”

And then there would be
a brief

And then there’d be
a roar
of laughter

03 September 2010

Common knowledge

I know
I know that you know
I know that you know that I know
I know that you know that I know that you know
I know that you know that I know that you know that I know
You know too much
And I know