20 April 2008

The script..

Every morning, my princes & me. Between 0715 & 0720, we play a game.

“Apachchi I am going to school”

“Okay. have a nice day”

“ You have a lovely day too”

and she runs to the school bus .

Every morning we repeat this script. No variation.
Every time meaning what we say.
These lines seem so perfect.
May be it could be in a book
in a drama script that she would one day make
then I picture
all grown up and standing on her stage
in her due spotlight
I worry
She might struggle to remember the dialogs

19 April 2008

Somebody just asked me what do I like in a city scape ? May be the people , I said .
Otherwise it is not worth taking . Unworthy of looking at. People complete the picture . Breath life to it. I said . And I thought .


12 April 2008

Cloud #9

Have you experienced those mornings with the perfect sunrise. The gentle breeze making you drift away , drift back from the moment you are in. Suddenly you find yourself worrying about your worries , as they have dissapeared.

You just feel drifting .You can't move or think but just gaze at the sky.

Have you?

The old little tailor of the old road

In one corner of the old road he sits . Minding his business. He adjusts the perfect images on shop windows to fit your imperfect size. Bespoke images .

06 April 2008

Bad habit

Isn't it?
Looking at the past and sulking.
Not paying attention to the present .
and not taking the time to deram of the future.