30 June 2007


This is Kannasamy.
of controversial beginnings
elevated to the throne by politicians
at a young age ,demanded by the kingdom to be their king.
Sri Wickrama Rajasinga, The last king of Sinhalay.
Rajasinha Deviyo ( The mortal God)
to rule them in the name of Gods , to rule them as their God
betrayed by the very people who put him on throne.
He who failed to realize the monarchy was an institute, not an individual
caught between doubt & customs.
coups & battles
betrayed his kingdom
betrayed his people.
did the unpardonable deeds
(amazing what doubt makes a good man do)
finally betrayed by the very people who put their hands together and bowed him and looked after by the enemy whom he feared and despised.
[This is from the Kandy Museum , the ill treating continues]

Ambalama, Kadugannawa

Shrine of my heart

Every evening I came here . Sprinkled water on to the flowers. Lit oil lamps & incence sticks . and prayed. My grandma & I. Those were simple days.

23 June 2007

Under tight security...

This is a prison bus

Thousand dreams

I lit a thousand lamps
one after the other
thousand naked flames of dreams
into the fading sun
the warmth of thousand hopes
seem to smolder the darkness

But one flickering moment
is all that it took
to put the flames out
a gentle breeze
was all that it took

Few lamps lesser
twinkling at random
though it isn’t dark
a thousand lights
it isn’t

I tally the surviving ones
Nine hundred and ninety eight
it seem all is lost
for ,the two that are blown out
it seems
are the ones that matter to me the most

I light two more
one after the other
yet again
I have
a full set of dreams.

The four ladies

First they were together
the four Queens
One got carried away by the Jack of spades
She took a risk
One went away to following her fortune
The ambitous one
One followed her dream
now she is a poet
and then there was only one
the queen of hearts

Morning duties.

This is no sky.......

This is no sky..

A masterpiece..Painter's name unknown.

Many are his pseudonames
Lord, Almighty, God....

Many have tried to copy...(None can match)
This is for you my friend , who feels photographs should not be meddled with...
These are as they came out.

19 June 2007


Once I knew a girl called Manel
She was an actress.
She was Grusha in a local adoptation of "The Chalk Circle"
Sang like a nightingale

Then she grew old
and died
Heard she had such commitment & determination
But she is dead now
Yes, this is a private moment...

In buckets' full

After all the prayers ,
After all the Gaathaas,
After all the ceremonies ,
they end up here.
The blue bucket.
The burial ground of flowers

16 June 2007


Stained glass church window , Old Dutch church, Galle Fort

Cool spot

Kirimuhuda (Kandy lake), Sri Lanka

Among many flowers , I hide

Among many flowers I hide
For mine is not a pretty face
Just a few lotuses, I beg you to buy
For my little flower is waiting for some hot rice, tonight

Runing the show

Sometimes you feel, that you are totally in control and running the show .
But actually , it dawns, that the show is in control of you
and you are merely running with it.

06 June 2007


This is a view form "the peak" , HK. Note the warning !!

Ugliness = Freedom

With ugliness comes freedom. No need to match the lipstick. No need to make up. Just be.

legal advise ?

The last queen

This is Rangamma, the last queen of Sinhalay. She was the queen of Sri Wickramarajasinghe. The accepted last king of Senkadagala Siriwardanapura. How many things, she would have borne ..in the name of the monarchy...How many things she did have to pay for , in the name of the monarchy.

Today even the picture hangs shattered , against the empty wall

03 June 2007

Lighthouse, Galle fort

I Believe

I believe in magic
I believe in fate
In true romance
and in soul mates

Of friendships not fogged by romance
One sided love
Through a life time it breathes

I believe in black holes
In lite coke
In Elvis , Marley & John
And the rule of Rock & roll

I believe in luck
Fortunes of the four leaved cloves
A microscopic being can give me a cold
Fairies, elves & leprechauns
in Santa clause, of course

I believe in Buddha
In Karma & Life after death
I believe In Armageddon
And in "the end"

In Ghosts & Angels
In prophecies of the dreams
Life in the beyond galaxies
In gravity & eternal energy
Yes , I believe

I believe a fruit is, Tomato
Cricket is a sport
In the father & the son
And in the Holy Ghost

When things are beyond comprehension
When I run out of questions
weary of arguments
When the words entwine
like thawed chocolate & red wine
When it sounds really nice
I give in
and start to

Mango seller at Kirimuhuda (Kandy lake)

Beauty sleep (or Beauty, asleep)

The famous bird. Peacock..

Path to freedom

Path to freedom has many choices . And ofcourse it has clear directions.
Photograph taken , on the way to Kandy.