27 June 2009

What matters..

When I bow and carry you up to my shoulder

clutch you tight against my heartbeat

When you lull against the line of my neck

en masse inhabit my mindful

When I take unhurried steps to your bedroom

14 steps to be precise

slow as I could

When the thin line of smile draws on your face

Nothing else matters


At that moment

Nothing else





13 June 2009

Untitled (Poem)

Where dreams are dreamt,
folded neatly and kept in the deep nooks of ones heart until
until they grow wings ..and..soar.

If you ever eavesdrop
Feet buried in wet sand
in Arugam bay , in Rumassala, In Lavinia
you could hear the ocean whispers ,
sharing the secret sea shell dreams she has heard, with the shore.
White . Pure. Sea shell dreams, hidden in the damp sand ,
only the ridges can be oh so slightly seen
Dreams of colour , white jasmines dream ,
Frangipani trees dreaming of having the scent of sepalika
The hushed sighs , butterflies release
amid the flutter of their wings,
while they flock to Siripade
wishing of nothing more, than a day to live.
Coconut groves and Palmairah palms sharing their fancy
with the wind that whisks
of a fervent drizzle to enliven their souls.

Simple dreams
A dream island
Oh Lanka..


PS: Help me with a title , My mind is blank. But , please not "dreams'"

07 June 2009

What wine goes well with Parippu ?

Or even with ala thel daala , Sambol , Masala Dosai or Ulundu wade, for that matter.

Why don’t they realize , may be they are not intended to be paired with an European red , a California white or even a placid Australian one.

Just because you can not , it does not mean there is an predicament.

But some times I recon, that the problem is being molded to fit the solution.

And once upon a time , through rose tinted glasses we gazed , and naively believed of the ultra moral west. Of the big brother notion and forgot an unadulterated altruism does not subsist .

04 June 2009

How old is yours?

Every man , at least most , has one. Or is it that every boy has one and they carry it with them to their manhood. A simple single bladed one or multifunctional one with a few options you'll never use in your life time. The swiss knife. Here's the question....... How old is yours? And how many times have you used it? Mine is 12 years and I have used it lesser than that number. What about you?