14 July 2007

Maha Vaasala

Through these doors many noble men have walked in , with pride that they are one of the very few privileged to walk in. They come as mortal gods with their retinue up to the door of the Maha Vaasala. But through the door they enter alone. With their heads bowed in respect. But what they really felt, they only knew.

They came to choose kings. They came to pay their last respects to dead rulers. They came when they were summoned, to be punished .

Inside sat the mortal God , often wandering what actually went on, beyond the doors.

The door handle.

Taken at "Kande Viharaya" , Kalutara

The flame

And it's shadow

The butterfly and flower of death (mini mal)

Taken at the war cemetery Kandy. Location gives a different dimension , doesn't it?

Elavalu Kade ( A Village vegetable stall)

07 July 2007



and Chillie powder

I know you crave

Man with a sense of humour

They started talking. Two typical girls . typical girl talk
"what would you like in a man?"
"No seriously!"
"Well , Let's see.....Strong shoulders , I guess"
"deep blue eyes?"
"M'm blue eyes would be nice"
"be understanding, sensitive". Leela could see her friend drifting on to her cloud
"just like a girl?"
"just kidding, please continue"
"Tall, dark thick hair"
"But most of all ...a good sense of humour...."
Yes that is important

This is good advise. It is translated to "Controlled mind brings you happiness"