29 September 2011

Message on the Bathroom Mirror

On a chilly dawn
When the warm spray bite my skin sweet
When the steam fills a tiny bathroom
(Like your smell of lily and ginger and softness
Does in my mind)
A  face emerge
 on the mirror
against the contrast of the haze
The two dot eyes and
the lipstick stain (that makes sense now )
beam back at me 

20 September 2011

The school play

In a dusty play ground in Kabul
cleared of landmines
three boys play football
till the shadows sketch long
till the curfew starts
Jameel & Ahmed kick the ball
while Rafeek
keeps the goal
with his wooden leg
it is hard to kick
you know

At a small dinner table
a family listens
to their daughter’s script
for the school play
the father gulps water
it is hard to swallow
with emotions
sitting a lump
in one’s throat
you know

13 September 2011

Happy memories

Hands in the sand
Feet in the waves
Face in the sun
A memory deep within

11 September 2011

Theory on the beginning of the universe

It all began
with a hum
a mother's lullaby
a tune of the heart strings
unsettling the old truth
and changing it
one day
with a sigh
it will end