20 September 2009

Such an angel

I used to wander
where you lived
May be in the heavens
only the Gods knew
Iused to wander
how you slept
curled up or otherwise
My imaginationwas
wild and free
you moved in with me.

PS: This is supposed to be a guardian angel. Care for it , look after it and believe in her and she will protect you ..the tiny piece of paper says . Hmm...

Lavinia sunset

In the milieu of rust

Beyond the hulk

Of the pirate ship

Of an nameless captain

I avow

you could see

Her silhouette

that brought a soldier to his knees

in shades magenta & mysteriourple

dance like a bare flame in

gentle breeze

on a monsoon night

to poignant gypsy tunes


On damp sand

Where boys strip their wet clothes

and walk like giants

'fore plunging in to the sea

And let their predicaments sink to the

gloomy depths

I swear

there are foot prints , larger

Of a man of war

Long bygone




12 September 2009


In a blue iota
In dark dark cosmos
Beyond the rings of Saturn
Beyond the rummaging dust storms of the red mars
With all my loved ones and the hated
among 6 billion souls
Within this azure speck
I live With my gigantic troubles

11 September 2009

Love is................

Sticking to the same routine every morning
Kiss on cheek , “god bless you”,
“have a nice day"
“I will”
Like a prayer…..

She smiling, when I say I need a goodnight kiss, lest I would not fall asleep tonight. And having the doubt whether she still believes me.

Saying a silent prayer in a language that neither of us understand, so that she would not have nightmares.

06 September 2009

Waiting for Starfish

Camera ready .

Lenses cleaned.

Backdrop decided and ready.

Lighting arranged.

Looked in the usual places, for weeks .

Mui wo where the dry fish , hang in their pungent smell

Alley called Tung choi, where gold fish

Glass fish with their veins filled with Indian ink

Held confined in plastic bags

Yet it seems star fish are

Out of season.