31 December 2007

Just looking...

People looking at the world .
Through their own beliefs . Through their own experience . Through their own agendas .
Through their own eyes
31st December 2007

22 December 2007

Some dreams ....

...............Stay that way

Bird watching

Piano man

Piano man sing to me
how it used to be
start with the middle C and tell me
what I used to dream
frosty mornings and coffee in bed her coffee cup , stain
a circle on my half done poem
remind me the time, into the mirror I said
well, happy people have no stories to tell

Piano man tell me In Octaves , in semi tones
how little it took to live
a perfect life ,right out of a magazine
remind me how I swore
we would survive on just marmalade & toast
how I for hours driftlessly walked
in my hand cradled ,her hand was
dusk after dusk , we watched the setting sun paint the sky , never bored

Now stop the music
at that sharp E, my friend
Piano man try to explain
while I cling to memories, how the shimmer waned
how colour pink picked a somber shade
how and why it changed