29 April 2007


"Hansa"...is Swan in my language....

(have you) heard the story about the ugly duckling?

There is some thing more beautiful in a black swan than a white one ..
What is it ?
Is it the rarity or is the blackness and shades of grey , being more real than the surreal whiteness..?
What do you think?

28 April 2007


Rusted .
Weighing scale. wine barrel & Iron oxide...


To get the bitter taste
out of my mind
just pour me one
Vodka & orange
Vodka & lime
Vodka on rocks
hold the frozen cubes

Vodka with happiness
hold the vodka,
(if you don’t mind)
hold your sarcastic smile

Vodka with jazz
melting you soul
Disco lights & Vodka
A DJ called “the lord”
and the dance floor rules

Pass the roasted nuts
pass the corny jokes
not here for the tête-à-tête
just for the deadly brew

That brunette sitting pretty
in the far side
think I’ll take what she’s having
Vodka and the eyes

Moon-Talking (True Story of a Moon flower)

Beside the lazy stream
stretched toes feeling the serene
on a carpet of shed leaves
by the old banyan tree
in the moon shadow , concealed
She sits

Clichéd rhymes of the bull frogs ,
mundane rhythm of the unhurried flow,
breaking the pregnant pause
Amidst a million twinkles ,
a white moonflower , alone

The magical hours between sunset & dawn
while the memories fade away of the day bygone
like a wolf waiting to free a long howl
longing for the man of her night
waiting for him to come soon

In her world of mules & caravans
She, a simple gypsy gal
The hours that bring her happiness
Is , just clouds apart

To a naive girl’s moony tale
as always, listen, he would
Her solitude , her anguish
will seep in to the night’s gloom
Girl’s wit & his silent wisdom
make conversations last long

Auburn tresses that dance at random
and emerald eyes that pierce one’s soul
She , Solana , named on sunrise
who talks with the moon

of the crosses that she had to bear
that sweet smile of the boy with long hair
such nice stories with nobody to hear
"that’s alright I do not care .
saw him shine brighter" she’d swear
(moon dust in her eye, that for sure)

Singing her own hymns
while he keeps the beat
Songs about a firefly
who’d gone missing
lost, amidst the starry sky
trying to catch one falling
eyes shut tight
mind numb
lest the moment
it had to end
(cause goodbyes & farewells
She kind of hate)
savoring the moments ,
smile on her face,
swathed in slumber,
curled up she laze .
While, under the wise tree
a gal has sweet dreams
He steps out of her night
yet again


Dreams for reason
Dreams for a season
both will dry away
all that'll be left within
the after taste of memories

At my age, I ought to know

An assortment of
"may be"s and "what if"s
to be sighed to be savored

with coffee to go

Life will be full of these
bubbles that have burst
scars left from falling from your clouds.

Making grown men
pray in trains
tearing their eyes
while kissing the rosaries

Men and Hollywood they never reached

Within million reverie
you'll find a couple
that'll stay forever
making the heart pound
while you are counting sheep
Making it all worth while

Dreams to grow old with
Dreams for life

I do not know what to write. I think the picture talk for it self

The steps of Olympic

13 April 2007

Saint James

I do not know bible stories
I am not religious .
I am not Chrsitian.
Somebody told me St James was a fisherman.
In that case it makes sense.
doesn't it ?

Reminds me of a very good friend. Reminds me that every thing is not , what it seems.

I couldn't think of anything to write but just "Hong Kong!"

Boys' toys

When he grows up he'll fancy all the gadgets . Wristwatches, sports cars, army knives, mobile phones.
but for now the Baloon would do.
Taken on Easter, 2007....DB

When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons ..
make lemonade.

08 April 2007

The familiar hat. I believe in rebirth . I believe in seven people born with the same look.

Black cat. White wall. And a wild imagination.

One of my favourites. No description need here

In the eye of the beholder......

You know what they say ...About .."In the eye of the beholder...".

You might have heard about , how you can see your self in some body else's eye...

Well, the photographer exposed.......

A man with a fan. Raises an eyebrow or two, any given time

05 April 2007

Hues ...

This photo just lifts my spirit...Get lost in the various hues ....Like a secret garden....where all your worries disappear.....Or is it just a screen saver....hiding the reality?

Life's a Beach............

I come from a land where beautiful beaches are not a luxury, but some times a common eye sore. But, now I long for that sight. ....
These are taken at Stanley & Tuen Mun.