08 March 2009

Just because we cheat…..

Very soon . Very soon it will be the time , for me to discuss difficult things. Birds and bees would be handled very….. biologically. That conversation does not startle me.

But how to grapple more difficult concepts.

Belief & religion would be always difficult ones . Especially since a picture of Christ and a statue of Lord Buddha adorn my mantel piece and one lamp is lit for both. Then again that would be exactly what needs to be conveyed.

But how to discuss something like cheating. It is wrong!, "parenthood for dummies" chapter 7 says. But why?

We all cheat in life, one way or the other. From getting sample questions for an exam instead of studying hard, To Liposuction against working hard at the Gym. From kissing up , managing your boss to copying someone else's blog post to 7 inch heels to hide the loss of blessings vertically.

So why isn't it correct?

Some say it is because the inept only do it. Is it? Most of us know it takes a genius to pull off the perfect scam.

Some say it is an extension of working smart against working hard.

Just because we cheat does it mean we are not smart?


  1. Do you know how it feels to cheat? Usually it leave a bad after taste.

  2. "Leaves a bad taste", that sounds like the perfect reason...Thx. Yes I do have a little girl.


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