13 April 2009

The "Fernando" episode

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The place came highly recommended..Good food.No reservations, no regrets . I was told.

So was everybody else, it seemed.

On a fine dusk at Hacca beach, people were lining in the back gardens . The aroma of fresh bread and the chicken, filling the air and giving some justification to the smoky air and the long waiting list. Jug after jug of Sangria being poured and filling the stomach spaces . And mellowing the anxiety. Kids running around , with undone hair and concerned mothers behind them. A teenager was playing fooseball with his grand pa. The veteran was giving a good fight.

The languid back gardens were going on, paying no heed to the impatient people beyond . Enjoying the flamed orange spill of the setting sun mixing in to the clear sky blue . Although the goat, had a question mark on it’s crown . I mean literally, a question mark someone had painted.

But the impatience , the prickly feeling , got the better of me.

Thanks for the ambience. Will hang around for a meal next time.

Long waiting lists, Anxious people...

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