25 December 2009

24th Dec 2009

1615hrs : Some one else’s wishes
The lovers in the corner are cuddling and whispering. The lad has a shopping bag in rainbow stripes and “Paul Smith” stamped across it.

1645hrs : You better be nice
The pregnant lady in the front of the queue is getting edgy. 20 Mins in the line, in the cold and hazy evening and not a single taxi. An Italian in a leather coat asks her, at which end the queue starts .

She points , but the face tells another thing.

1715hrs: It’s not for the money
The old Chinese musician is playing Christmas tunes on the harmonica . There is a few two dollar coins in his hat. A worn out Bowler hat. A mother with her two boys pass him , she is humming the tune. The elder boy, blonde hair . blue eyes , keeps on looking back.

Did I hear somewhere that Jesus had blue eyes?

1745hrs : Brother John
In the jam packed tram , two brothers sit on the floor, reading “A Christmas carol” .

The elder boy seem to always give his brother a couple minutes more to finish reading the page , before he turns to the next.

1800hrs : To enter the house of our lord
A lady in knee high boots and leather pants, is trying to get the church gate opened , to drive her shiny black Mercedes in to the orchard.

1815hrs: Tuning up
Inside the old church , the church organist is practicing the notes .

She is a bit rusty . Her fingers and sneaker clad feet don’t seem to be following the music sheet as it ought to.
Yet there is something recognizable about the tunes climbing up the church walls.

She turns to us and wishes “A Merry Christmas”.

1900hrs : Home before midnight
On our return , D and I start playing a game on the phone. We are trying to unlock the red block .

In the opposite seat two sisters and their brother are playing charade . Cleary the boy is not very good at this game.

Their father looks on with a smile on his face . He has some flowers wrapped in a newspaper .

Every 31th Dec , I take my camera and go out in to the city. Click at what I see .And then try to weave a story , a haiku from what I 've got.

This time I tried it on 24th . But my camera failed me ...So had to do with my memory and words.


  1. Brillaint stuff, to bad the camera failed.

  2. Thanks .

    Well , that is shame I know. But it pushed me to improvise and I am glad it did.

  3. i dont think it matters much that the camera failed, cz u can picture it, just by the way you've described it. :) nice nice :)

    Merry Christmas ;)

  4. lovely. your words painted the pictures perfectly. merry christmas JP.

  5. Merry Christmas to you too

  6. Oh.. beautiful ... man ..you have said it better than pics .. yet do the rounds on 31st and let us know with pics .. cheers !!


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