01 September 2012

Placebo effect

You might have heard about him. Nevertheless , I will tell you. He was a rich man , with wealth that most of us dream of. He worked for a meagre salary , which makes one wonder how he managed to accumulate such wealth. But only he knew the reason for his peace of mind. Every month he got a monthly wage , a few crumpled notes . Sufficient to sustain him for the thirty days.
But as any working man would know , that is not enough for ones mind to rest . There's the future to worry your mind. College expenses  and money to pay when the health hits you down.
Yet he was not distressed , cause he got that envelope each month . Sealed envelope that he kept aside . He did not believe in the whole money breeding money theory. "Interest is the payment for the risk you take ..so why should I take that risk...the only risk I am willing to take is something that Can be mitigated with a few moth balls." once he was heard saying.

So these sealed envelopes went in to a shoe box. Old , faded and worn out by now for sure. But don't ever think he was close-fisted as mattakundaly was.
 He ate ,  he spent on his children, he gave to charity and lived  on his monthly wage . He was not worried of the curve balls life would throw at him as he had his shoe box to fall back on.

But today we stand here , on this rather gloomy autumn evening, hours after his family has buried a loving father .  We await patiently , biting our grief , to open those envelopes  and take a tally , as per last wish.

"Two hours after my burial it should be done , in each envelope you will find my wealth and a lesson worth much more  "...specifically it read .

His youngest daughter has brought the box down to the hall and is  kept  on the coffee table. The room is bare , emptiness has taken over the space where the coffin was for two days . The eldest son starts opening the first envelope , eyes peer in....empty
They open the next ....empty again.....

After 200 plus envelopes were opened , nothing was added on to nothing.

Angry , quizzical looks just flickered on faces  and  a few sighs faded to the early night....yet no words were spoken...the lesson was learnt I guess.

Wealth is mostly in one's mind, I've read somewhere. But I impede no opinion on you, for I am just relating a story.


  1. Placebo effect has had a reputation all along to have worked wonders. Even in this case it was the same, wasn't it? Only differences here it was self inflicted. Still it worked, right?
    henryblogwalker (මට භිතෙන හැටි) the Dude (HeyDude)

  2. Infact , Dude I read last week that , Placebo effect have more proven success rates in certain conditions more than some of the prescription drugs for the same diseases. I feel there are many placebos in many forms in our lives.


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