17 February 2007

Lilly White .......The girl who never woke up

Lily white
Sitting by the river side
In to the twilight
As she has
For the last couple of days
Wouldn’t happen for me
She thought always
But it seems
There is no other way

White flowing dresses
True love, romance
Magic and fate
She longed for
She believed
Will lure her prince charming
Galloping down her aisle
(“wake up silly girl”
her mama would tell)

Silently she has
Many a knights
For their pride
(oh, what a sight)
on their white stallions
many girls have ridden
to far kingdoms far away
(even Cinderella had her day)
but not Lily white
she just had to wait

That was yesterday
Now everything has changed

Wrong reasons
To the wrong man
Like a moth to candlelight
She was drawn
For reasons, beyond
(“black magic, that’s why”
her grand ma would say)

She does realize
It most probably might
Make her cry
(‘cause he does seem
bit of the flashy type)
She’d let him in
To her heart so frail
He will invade
And leave her (in complete disarray)
Will remain
after tears dry away

Crippling guilt
All set aside
It sure is nice
After all this while
At least for a moment
To be treated just right
(“that’s so cute”
whispers her friend Ruth)

So here sits
On this rusted bench
A girl
Who has watched
The world go around
(twice, thrice, for some)
wishing that it may
hoping that it might
this will be
her time

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