08 May 2007

Friends I've got...

Friends I’ve got
who never spoke
The silent lot
just a glance across
just a smile
through a sip of espresso

Friends I’ve got
who get hysterical
at the bar counter
at my corny humor
never notice the tear
in my eye’s corner

Friends I’ve got
those philosophical ones
for hours
interpret the graffiti on the subway walls
how I feel, they’ll never know

Friends I’ve got
given half a chance,
I’ll cheat & I’ll rob
to their face, I’ll lie
with no remorse

Friends I’ve got
I’ll flirt with
no shame
get on my knees and propose, almost
say adieu
and never call

Friends I’ve got
my comrades
who fought the same wars
who had my back
while I handed the note
“yours money or your life” , (I quote)

But for a friendship I long
to sit with me from sunset to dawn
talk about everything
about nothing at all
but for reasons, I fathom not
it seems
I am alone

So tell me
Friends, I’ve got ?


  1. Hi Jaliya Pilimatalawwe,

    I'm enjoying your poems and photos. Hong Kong is my favorite city so I'm always on the lookout for different blogs about the city. Yours is the most unique one I've found so far.



  2. Dear SBK. Thank you very much for the complement. HK is one of those cities that has a different heart beat. And I look at it from a live in tourist's eye. Please do keep on visiting

  3. AnonymousMay 28, 2007


    Liked your poem, it reminds us that at the end we are alone. Although you wish for a long lasting person to be by your side they are or were never there.

    Good job on your blog!



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