27 October 2007

Frightened of butterflies (Poem)

I flew with a butterfly
Up , up in to the sky
with her vivid colors & frail wings
me, she did entice
She danced around the swirling contours of the gentle autumn breeze
making me dream , tumble weed dreams
She said " take a chance now "
for it'll be too late, too soon
and like a fool I did

We flew hand in hand
soared up and up
with the wind in our face
Me , her and all the Cloudywings Holy blues, Angeled leafings
Monarchs, longtails & dreamy dusky wings
darting through the clouds
we'd scream
Plummet until we almost touched the rushing stream
we aimed for the sun and the moon
I lost my poise fell among the stars , bruised
in to the distance , watch them fade away
left with just the scars to prove,
here I lie
here I die

PS: Now I am terrified of butterflies

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