15 March 2008

How'd you know?? (a poem)

“So tell me, how
would you know? ”
that seem to have got
your notice.
trying hard to avoid
my peer
you opt to wipe off
earth's powdery bliss.
your Blue suede shoes
( With the
Bell bottomed hem, jacket sequined
I tell you
the part, you look , still )

“it is pretty simple , you see”
you let the last sound just hang
in the night’s humid
and close your eyes .

On the stage
the long haired lad
has ended
His garage punk rock version
of the old serenade
I let you be .
To play the applause in your mind
even take a bow, if you fancy
and take back your Sunday,

You sigh
Smoothening the wise lines
And let out wisdom in a tone subdued
“ when the graying sideburns
Are less than perfect
then you'd know
the rock star in you is dead”


  1. JP

    Very nicely written. Why do you not post any photos lately. I visit your blog very often. Very unique.


  2. Yes guilty..being bit dragged towards Flickr (pls do check out my Flickr account). But will try not to repeat

  3. You have a very good eye for photography. Proved it with the "The Pulse" (post) for a while I was looking for a black guy in white underwear. Only one like you would spot it. Its a gift. I do visit your flickr account as well and enjoy your postings.

    It makes a difference when you see the picture and your writings.

    Keep it up



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