22 November 2008

208 aka Stripey

Let me introduce a friend of mine.

He is officially christened "208" . That is the number that was given to him at Singapore zoo's souvenir shop inventory.

He is very much like most of us, He thinks he is a typical Zebra, no different to the one grazing in the Kenyan Savanna . While only wilderness 208 knows is the natural looking surrounding of the Singapore zoo. He thinks he can relate to the pains and feelings of the common zebra.

At times when I talk about the ground situation in Muhamalai or Life in the free eastern province, I remember 208 and wander whether there is any difference between both of us.

Now he lives in Hongkong . Having done a bit of travelling around (even to Sri Lanka), he considers himself well travelled. Often talks about how things are different in the Savanna.

Guess it is a dangerous combination.

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