26 December 2008

Street performance..

I just stopped for a cup of coffee, because that is what but weary self was craving for. Then they started playing. An Impromptu concert.

They were a hideous looking crew , but it did not matter .

The Italian, on the Saxophone. The Filipino bassist was bit old school jazz. The black guy was a like a butterfly in a beehive (or vice verse actually) on the keyboard.

While life just happened around them, they played . But gradually life seemed happen to their tune.

The drummer, er let’s just say he was no RD….


  1. amazing man... wish we had something like this in Colombo!
    where's this by the way??

  2. Believe it or not..This is in Hongkong ...In Tung Chung , where we live....This was no Jazz sessions at Barefoot....But you take what you get , these days.


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