22 May 2009

Seven days …And still confused

Unicorns can fly ,

Unicorns have magical powers

and unicorns are in my mind ,

That is what my seven year old scribbled between soft parallel lines on the 19th. My mind wafted in to heroes and villains . Do they also exist only in one's mind.

What do you do with a dead hero and what do you do with a dead villain.

You lay to rest ,both , I recon. And move on.

Much happened back at home , past week. People have rejoiced , grieved , sighed of relief and wrote .

When the tarmac was kissed , I confess I felt my eyes cloud, heart a bit weighty . That's the surrealist in me . I am a sucker for that kind of things , I guess it is the midlife. My heart sheds a tear for the people , swarming in to the camps. Yet I am vague whether those people are glad to escape or whether they are dejected with their plight. I think I know how they feel. Think, being the focus word here.

I saw the photos of the dead man. And I felt confused . Honestly I never thought I'll see the day. Yet…

I assume every one of us went through this emotional roller-coaster to some extent during the past seven days . Happy ,Sad and a little confused. .

Miles away. Across seas . I could clearly hear the cheers and the sighs. My mind is all tanglse about , "how did"s and "what next"s. That throbbing feeling to do "something", has occupied my mind.

I close my eyes and only pray for us to get it right this time.


  1. Nice post.

    Confused is the word.

    Lets hope, they don't mess up again.

    Even small steps towards restoring democratic freedoms and rights and we will be heading in the right direction.

  2. I specially like the phrase ..."there is no minority.." and hope we remember that means there is no majority. Hope it can be implemented the right way

  3. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    Well said JP!

    Agree with you on being "SRILANKAN" and nothing less. I would think it is every single persons responsibility to make it right this time. Learn from our mistakes and look ahead for a bright future for all "SRILANKANS". I hope that all who speak does something towards making it right or forever stay silent!

  4. Nice post .. exactly how I felt .. .. who will fill the void ? correct fix needs to be found urgently , if not , another generation will suffer ..
    tell me …do you regret not been in SL to feel the moment ???

  5. Regret...Well not exactly , for the celebrations? well , I am happy , but do not feel this is the way . Ofcourse a heroes' welcome for the ones who gave is needed. But also reconciliation is the call of the our. As I said in a previous post, I could clearly hear the bombs and the cheer of Colombo from my apartment facing the South China sea.


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