04 June 2009

How old is yours?

Every man , at least most , has one. Or is it that every boy has one and they carry it with them to their manhood. A simple single bladed one or multifunctional one with a few options you'll never use in your life time. The swiss knife. Here's the question....... How old is yours? And how many times have you used it? Mine is 12 years and I have used it lesser than that number. What about you?


  1. is it ok that i'm a girl but i have 3 of em? got my first when i was 13. the other 2 i have bought for myself since. i carry one around in my pretty hand bags and use it for everything from filing my nails to opening a bottle wine:)

  2. Well ma'am I guess it is ok. Quite surprised to.

  3. Mine is 16 yrs old … my dad bought it for me … it was “ the weapon “ in my arsenal , for all the bad reasons .. .. .. may have used it twice to open a bottle of wine … nothing more than that . I can see it from here, resting in the display cabinet … after posting this … am gonna embrace it after a long….long time .. Thanks to your rioting mind.. cheers !!


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