20 July 2009

39000 feet above

39000 feet above the mountain tops and the vallies.

Travel bug bitten .

Yet ... Not going to Colombo.......

They are few seats in front of me. The old chinese lady beside me is fast asleep. Her two daughters peep in from time to time to check on how she is doing.

Blue sky . Cotton clouds. And a lonely ship stranded in the wide ocean.

I just look out and start to drift. What are they doing ? I start to miss them. Can it happen? During a two hour plane trip.

I remember somebody telling me time is nothing but a concept .

It is strange, that whenever I get on a plane, I get a longing to go to Colombo. listen to Amardeva sing through the headphones and see the palm trees and shore, when the iron bird tilts its wings and turn inland from the east coast, somewhere near Trincomalie. That familiar led ball of a feeling that sinks right in. Hmmm.

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