22 August 2009

Sun and the moon are twins

Two separate adaptations from two different sources . First is a song by Paolo Nutini , from his album "Sunny side up". The song is called "Coming up easy" .Second one being a lovely , subtle yet edgy book by Jeanne Twaites, It's a sunny day on the moon . These two have first stayed in my mind , as an after taste a short story leaves and a haunting tune . Then they have stayed in my drawer as a Skelton script for a post on a neatly folded piece of paper.


Sunday morning, got the hazy, hazy janes

I turn to you and inhale you where you lay

Take a wander and wait for the long long day

We watch the sun coming up easy

While rain came tumbling down

And it washed the our bodies clean

That we would seem to rise off of the cold ground

It's a shame the way it seems to go


"You are dying"

The doctor tells me .

"are you sure? Because I don't feel any pain" that is all I can manage

"That is good" He tells me. He is smiling .

"Enough about that , let's talk about something else" he tells me


And I can almost feel the elephant moving in about the room .

"you know at times like this , it is better to tie up one's affairs, that's what my aunt did"

"you know , my aunt is dying" he breaks the silence.

His aunt. ?




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  1. complicated .... I don't get it .. honestly not ...


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