17 October 2009

Planning to relax

It was an interesting read.10 things to be done within this year or so . You know the kind of things that get included in these lists . Take a train ride , Watch a good movie etc . Now I guess the idea here is to relax , take life lightly and , enjoy the trod . But when you start planning to relax . Planning to relax? .


That takes the whole wind off the balloon doesn’t it. Anyways, as they say , if I were to ride the flow, Here goes my list

1 Sit down , with my better half and just listen to jazz – just listen
2 Read a good Sinhala book (Thinking of Ata Massa)
3 Start working out , not for reducing weight or looking better but to enjoy .
4 Cook something, and get Jiggy with it.
5 Start redoing the forgotten manuscript , cross the T’s and dot the I’s
6 Read a good self help book (thinking of developing a beautiful mind)
7 Do that much planned , yet many times postponed hike


  1. mmm.. rather interesting wish list , why repeat the book reading ? working out will help for the hike.. so tell me whats the time frame you have given yourself to complete all these

  2. whats the point commenting on your blog, when you don't publish them .... I don't get it !!!

  3. HCP- Touchy aren't we ? apologies, Pc problems. ...Timeline- no plan as such, but in my mind as "things to do"

  4. Touchy .. is it ? mmm not really ..


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