19 December 2009

6 More days

Cheap plastic balls . Shiny .
Made in china
Recycled whatever - I'd rather not think.
Against plastic green .
Makes a good mimic.

What about pine smell , I hear you ask.
We've got it ...
Air freshener , almost the real thing .
Fragrance of real Alp pine , it says on the label

The gifts are hidden .
The red sprouts of the holidays
Christmas growing in the corner ,
lurking...Growing ...Waiting .
Not going to be snow
it is going to be a cold week
I heard

I guess it does not matter
Cause Christmas in your heart
At least supposed be

I am working the Christmas eve too. Well sometimes that is better that way . Makes you cherish the moments .

BTW . Do not forget our children whom we pledged, told our selves , now the mayhem is over it is going to be a brighter day. Who must be stroking the toys they got last year and asking Santa for their Fathers to come back .


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