13 February 2010


I am here where it all began . (Well more or less) . Living two days of serendipity .  a dream . Then again a dream is nothing but a flickering of thoughts . Mixture of chemicals in your cortex .

Bird chirps wake you up and the strange soundtrack of bird songs , trishaw engine revs and bicycle bell tinkles greet the dawn . As I sit in a planter’s chair (How corny is that) , my eyes feast on the blue skys , hues of deep green, bright red and the velvety black blue of a humming bird . Yet …as it is with all dreams , the reality seems a discounted version  of the fantasy .

I  buy in and embrace the paradisic  charm of the land , do not get me wrong.

Yet I ponder on the reasons I would not want to live day in day out. Is it because the distance makes one’s heart yearn more. Or may be the surreal image in my mind is what I love more.

In the metro I live in , money rules..  there is no denying it  .. People are  interested in  earning it and spending it.

For  some reason , the baseline in Colombo still holds  something different . The lines are a bit blurred , Money , or rather lack of it is perceived as an inconvenience at the most. A fact of life .  Through it the brightest smiles shine.  

There seem to be something more to life here.  We would go hungry yet hold on to the our political ideology securely.

Is it that while commercialization has wolfed in to all the values , and mutated them,  we are just  holding on to the empty shell that is the label. I wonder. 

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