05 December 2010

Trincomalee Sunday

Rose water pink

Green yellow sweet
Saruwath man clinks
his bottles full of dreams

Trincomalee Saruwath
Trincomalee dreams

Azure ,Cobalt waves
neat reindha edged
on  the lonely white sands

Trincomalee waves

Trincomalee sands

Sweet nothing whispers
them lovers’ hush between
the prying breeze
picks & carries away
flaring up hopes
the kind, one keeps
hidden deep within

Trincomalee breeze
Trincomalee hopes

That was yesterday
one Trincomalee  Sunday
(Clear skies, cotton clouds
completing the fantasy)
I must confess, that  I too drifted
caught up in the

That was yesterday
simpler times blurred
for reasons unfortunate
leaving just stories
(everyone’s got a story)
nobody’d tell 

Trincomalee storytellers
Trincomalee tales 

Saruwath:              A sweet , brightly colored sugary drink sold specially at village fairs

Reindha:               Lace

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