21 January 2011

The day my mind moved beyond Nandikudal

Sivamoorthy from Jaffna is doing his winner’s lap around the main stadium in Nagasaki . He is wrapped in a predominately red & gold Sri Lankan flag. It was the 200m finals in 2020 Olympics and this 24 year old from Velvetithurai has created history and just won it. He is waving his hand at his family . His Anna (elder brother) and his wife are there as usual, and they are elevated . He is hoping around on his good leg ( the right one he lost to a landmine, few decades ago). Moorthy’s coach Captain Wickramasinghe runs to hug him .

In Colombo , streets are crazy . People are dancing in the streets , crackers are lit.
I am standing infront of a TV in a shop window . The old man in a national suit , standing beside me , looks at me and queries “ape lamaya dinunda mahaththayo?” (has our boy won sir?). Mohamed , the mango seller from corner , beats me to respond “Uncle Ape kolla gold matel , Sri Lanka pirst ” (The boy has won the gold medal , Sri Lanka First) .

My Sinhala heart swells with pride and My Sinhala eyes well with tears.
My Sinhala heart moves on .

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