03 February 2011

One million cherry blossoms in Tharir square

A million cherry blossoms in Tahrir square…how one by one they bloomed on the brown veins. The streets of silence , street of pain .....That is how I wanted to start my post. Talking about people power, how great  it is to see people taking their destiny to their hands . The romance of a revolution all were there in the patterns made my the words . Line after line.
But for some reason I shelved it  without immediately posting it. Between then and now I have gone through many reports articles and interviews  and very little of  the original post remains within this .

One million people march to Tahrir square , The liberation square , how apt?  Students , Doctors  , poets  , teachers all join in to get one tyrant out . He fights with his tanks and army. What drama !
Che, in your grave , this is how a perfect revolution should be .
All the usual scenes were there. Bloodshed,  water cannons , tanks , loud slogans . Of course the  call for  evening prayer from the nearby mosque added a regional flavor.
Then I started reading about how this was mainly spread through social media . so a revolution for the 21st century?
There are more questions than answers.

From One million people in the streets , what do you do when nature calls?
Is facebook the true medium of the common man in Egypt
To whether this was actually , sponsored by  some corporates .  Site hits , TV ratings and the sort are definitely  worth investing in .

Somebody once said anarchy is five meals away. But these were not hungry people fighting . These were for actualization needs . For freedom.

I watched an interview in Al jazeera with a 60 year old , women. A professional  who splits her time between Cairo and London . Who has just cut short a business visit  to be there . And show her support .
“This government is no use . They apparently kill people and all that.  They need to go “ She said

Next  was a man who insisted that his “phd” was mentioned when his  name is mentioned  said  “ I came to the square to enjoy the revolution, this is history in the making”

Now today apparently people who support the defiant dictator has taken to the streets .  Whether they are rent-a-mob or  civil clothed police. This adds another dimension.

Of course there are the opportunist opposition politians , who are trying “volunteer” as the alternative.

All this behind , this is the question in my mind. 

From the format of the media reports , the mood , tone of the reports , the camera angles to the statements by the heads of states , UN . All sounds very familiar , as in Iraq, as in Afghanistan , as in Israel.

Is this the same script, another screening of the same show …Is it the same ending

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