03 June 2007

I Believe

I believe in magic
I believe in fate
In true romance
and in soul mates

Of friendships not fogged by romance
One sided love
Through a life time it breathes

I believe in black holes
In lite coke
In Elvis , Marley & John
And the rule of Rock & roll

I believe in luck
Fortunes of the four leaved cloves
A microscopic being can give me a cold
Fairies, elves & leprechauns
in Santa clause, of course

I believe in Buddha
In Karma & Life after death
I believe In Armageddon
And in "the end"

In Ghosts & Angels
In prophecies of the dreams
Life in the beyond galaxies
In gravity & eternal energy
Yes , I believe

I believe a fruit is, Tomato
Cricket is a sport
In the father & the son
And in the Holy Ghost

When things are beyond comprehension
When I run out of questions
weary of arguments
When the words entwine
like thawed chocolate & red wine
When it sounds really nice
I give in
and start to

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  1. Jaliya

    A very good poem. Life is full of believe, that's what we all are made of. Like this one very much.


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