30 June 2007


This is Kannasamy.
of controversial beginnings
elevated to the throne by politicians
at a young age ,demanded by the kingdom to be their king.
Sri Wickrama Rajasinga, The last king of Sinhalay.
Rajasinha Deviyo ( The mortal God)
to rule them in the name of Gods , to rule them as their God
betrayed by the very people who put him on throne.
He who failed to realize the monarchy was an institute, not an individual
caught between doubt & customs.
coups & battles
betrayed his kingdom
betrayed his people.
did the unpardonable deeds
(amazing what doubt makes a good man do)
finally betrayed by the very people who put their hands together and bowed him and looked after by the enemy whom he feared and despised.
[This is from the Kandy Museum , the ill treating continues]

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