21 January 2010

Even she fumbles

My 7 year old ( going to be 8, as she puts it) and I were talking today about Haiti . The devastation and all that.

How mother nature posesses the power to create and destroy. Then she turns to me and says "may be she did not mean to".

And goes on to ellaborate "may be she did not mean to, may be it was an accident" . Then concludes in a sage tone " it happens to girls , you know"

Amidst the chuckles in my heart, and that particular pride and plesant surprise that a parent feels when you are caught off guard like this, I was thinking, that she has a point.

Then it got complecated , as always because she threw a curve ball at me

"do you think it happens to God too, does she have accidents too?"

What say you ?

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  1. lol Kids are quite thought provoking huh :)


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