29 January 2010


Here is a question to you .

You have two cups of equal size . One has oil and the other has vinegar.

If you take a spoonful of oil and first put it to the cup with vinegar.

Then take a spoon full of the mixture and put it back to the cup with the oil.

Which is more? The vinegar percentage in the cup of oil or the oil percentage in the cup full of vinegar

Well friends , the answer is , both are the same.

(Assuming x ml of oil was first displaced

Assume second time when you take the spoon full , assume the mixture had y ml vinegar

Which means y ml of oil is left in the in the cup full of vinegar

Therefore (x-y ) ml of oil has been moved back from the cup full vinegar. Thus there is y ml of vinegar in the cup to oil.
(It actually does not matter how well you mix .)

Remember this in the coming days when the elections are announced , when the election-porn get hits to web sites , sell papers , dominate FB statuses and keeps us entertained.

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  1. I think your logic is flawed. Or at least I can't understand. Please explain further, if you don't mind?


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