21 May 2010

Small wins


When the train doors started making that bleaking noise just before they shut. And the unknown Chinese girl’s voice repeated the usual sentence “Please keep away from the door area”.
The last few seconds to get in , get your flowing shawl out of the closing door. 

A middle aged  woman ran down the escalator  in to the train . Her determined face running down the escalator was a bit unmatching with her age . Yet they say age is nothing but a number .
Her short fast strides across the platform were not graceful yet were suspending almost in air.

She got in ,( the doors seemed to close slower , just for her ),  the doors shut behind her,  she smiled.
For she has won.  Her small win for the morning .
It dawned to me then  , this is what life is about. This is what we yearn  for , toil for and some times die for.  Things that make no sense at all to the whole world except us .
Our small wins . 

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