02 May 2010

Sunday easy reading assorted

You know the magazine that comes with the Sunday paper (be it the mirror , Sandalla , whatever. It is “ The Post” in this neighborhood) . If it was a box of chocolates , assorted. This is how I imagine it would be

Strawberry centered, white chocolate
The latest line of Chandelier collection from Continental diamonds . Celebrate love & passion this summer.
 Notice, crave , sulk , move on.

Mint centered Dark chocolate
The Swedish sinophile, author and occasional TV host talks about bringing the cultural divide between China and the west.
Feel a hint of freshness

Espresso centered  dark chocolate
Phoebe Philo’s triumphant return to the fashion world , with her clear cut philosophy .
There she is with her bushy eyebrows, bare back, in a torn jeans , all in the shades of black & white . Leaving much for imagination.
An acquired taste.

Solid Dark lazed with orange peels
In a  remote corner of Nepal , a rare fungus , prized as an aphrodisiac ignited a Buddhist blood bath and destroyed a once peaceful village.
The true tasting occurs in the mind

Solid dark Chocolate , lazed with Mexican Chili
Rape committed during the Bosnian war continues to blight the lives of victims who have yet to see their tormentors punished .
Some things need closure and some things  should be healed with time, and somethings should never be mixed . Like Sunday light reading and Catastrophes’.   Chilies and chocolates .

Milk chocolate Marzipan centered
Liquid design edge coffee table , from Lane Crawford , Home store  , pacific place. Limited no’s exists, hurry now.

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