22 August 2011

Arm's length from harm ...Crossing the road in Ha noi

 I did , just like  he said
for  he should know best
He was  born here
even his father was
though now dead
and buried twice

I closed my eyes and
paced my steps slow
Halfway through,  nerves gave in
that ‘s been my weakness
most times
with bright rays tapping at my eye lids
I had to

The tide of wheels
I could see
rising  at arms length
then the red light could not hold no more
it flowed through
to the  empty side of the street
I stand surrounded
Amidst wheels
Of burden
Amidst Faces
The smell of burning 
I stand in the middle of the road
yet I am not here

 A chicken in a box , securely tied to the back seat .
Perhaps dinner.
Chicken  cackles
a feeling of crude reality seeps in

A girl leans forward and whispers in her lovers ear
They laugh.
A young boy sings aloud
riding with his mother
a bag of Rambutans hanging from his hand
Young men in their evening best
 peer from the timeless balcony
at the girl in the short skirt and heels
riding her scooter

I close my eyes
and proceed with my measured steps 

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