09 November 2011

Three photos I could not take

I aspire to be a good photographer and often think of the perfect shots that I would one day take . And most often when I encounter that great shot , I am caught without a camera at hand to capture it.

Today , where I live, the heavens have parted and their monsoon tears are hitting the earth hard. So early morning subdued light and dramatic skies did make a great setting for photos . Yet I was without a camera . So here are the three photographs I could not take.

I am in the bus. Through the bus window I can see that the early morning showers have spread the magenta coloured Bauhinia petals all over the jogging trail lined with a row Bauhiniya trees. Against the dark shade of the trail , they look contrasting. There is a street sign left by some street repairman , a simple circle with an arrow pointing downwards, warning the pedestrians of a dodgy pot hole. Around it are the Magenta petals contrasting against dark pathway. Some cracks of the tar are also visible.

The shot would be , a close shot from the ground level , showing a longer depth of fields , with the sign positioned at the left side third of the frame..

Bus is now on the flyover bridge , and the highway below is glistening black. The cars speeding away are drawing a trail of spray behind them. An image of jasmine blooms thrown on to the street for the perahara elephant to step , occupy my mind. The nostalagic hevisi sounds. May be it is because a friend mentioned just the other day , how she was awaken up early in the morning to the sounds of a perehara .

I’d take the shot from up here , perhaps at a 60 degree angle, in black and white .
However I am undecided between whether to take it with a slower shutter speed to capture some of the motion or to take with a faster one to capture the details of the spray. But in any case the road , the vehicles and the lines of the trails would take up most of the composition.

The Bus is now at the intersection . Inside is dark. I can only make out the silhouette of the heads of the fellow passengers ahead of me .
Amber and the read glow of the traffic lights have lit up the bus windows . The droplets on widows are like little glass pebbles in bright sunlight. The patterns sketched by the rain drops’ paths too are clearly visible . Against that bright backdrop the silhouette of the heads look striking .

I’d take the shot in full colour and with higher contrast. Capturing about 2 , 3 rows of passengers on focus , from an angle, showing bright coloured rectangles that are the bus windows as the backdrop .


  1. You've captured the pictures beautifully - words are powerful things.

    I make a poor photographer. Every time I encounter something photo-worthy, I have a dilemma - To stop and record it for posterity or to simply take in the moment and enjoy it instead of fumbling for my camera?

  2. nicely worded picture :) , have u ever tried writing a short story or a novel may be .. you have good sense of optical explanation.. BTW where do you live ? ( If may I ask )

  3. @gutterflower thank you. Longtime no noise. Tried to enter your place but got an error.
    Photographers are like hunters. They need to capture to enjoy. But you sound like a person who can take a walk in the forest and can come empty handed and fully content.

    Thank you . I live in Hong Kong. Near the airport. I' ve been told that my writings are too poetic.


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