28 February 2012


A thousand dreams
he dreamt

spread across a life time
spread over many lives
many eons
While he waits for the sunrise
over samanala peak
While he watched the day die
on the shores of Gokanna
may be even in Jethawana
while the Thathagatha preached 

To reality
now he is waking up
from one dream at a time
peeling off samsara 
In the end he will realize
that reality is

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  1. When dreams turn real, reality somehow seems unreal.

    That is when a dream, is not just a dream but of a forerunner of what awaits.

    A nightly dream that does not persist into dawn regenerates life for another day of reality.

    When reality is the unexpected, expectation is only a mirage and a dream only a wish.


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