14 March 2012

Where I come from , there are no woods

There are no woods
where I come from
no tree skeletons
waiting for their spring
no haunted sketches
placed in the placid
of winter
no forest spirits
none of that sorts

There are only forests
where I come from
beyond the tank
a nameless ancient built
where girls bathe and boys

beyond the temple courtyard
that reek with scents of
Jasmine &  joss sticks
during the day
and of sepalika blooms
at night

beyond the gentile green
of the new paddy
that fade in to the sprouts
of the last monsoon
and ends at the Goraka tree
many rains wise
where it is said
that the Yaka resides
somewhere in the
dark green leaves and the yellow fruit

Thank God
there are no woods
where I come from

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